You made me feel very comfortable...

"Heidi, I want to thank you again for all of the hard work that you did. You made me feel very comfortable and "calm" during this process. I felt as if your input was more than just a realtor, more like family. I would love it if you could come by in the next couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and see the house. I hope they will be up to or close to your approval. I have spent a lot of time working on the house, so it would mean a lot if you came by to see the many improvements. If you came by over a weekend maybe we can have a laugh and a drink. My girlfriend moved in with me. She has been a big help with improvements and keeping me on task. Thankfully I have been able to slow down with the house because I was putting long hours in. I would come home from work and start working. Then I wouldn't stop until ten or twelve at night. It would mean a whole lot if you came by

- David Zartler - Zartler Heating + Air

Put your faith and trust in her...

"I am proud to say I sold my home in Hoffman Estates in 3 months. In today’s slowing market it took an agent like Heidi Engel to understand the adjusting market. I had offers which I chose to turn away from the very beginning. I would have sold sooner, but I choose to ignore the signs of a changing market. That is where Heidi’s experience came into play. I am very pleased with her ability to be as flexible as required to get a sale, which is the key in today’s slowing market. Put your faith and trust in her knowledge and experience and you too will have a sale. I am very fortunate to have had her as an agent and I recommend her services to all that are willing to hire her in this slowing market."

- S Green